Creating 2 Album cover art for Danish dj and producer Oxyflux.

Osvald contacted me and we were off on our first fractal adventure.

1st Cover art was for the single: PLANE OF THE ECLIPTIC

2nd Cover art was for : CUEVA DE LOS CRISTALES


In a coherent array of impressions, we wanted to portray the creating energy,
the drive, the inner spark.

All mind and matter is fractal.

From the very start we both had the idea of starting with a fractal base for our design.


Paths from the sub-contentiousness to the higher realms of frequency,
takes us through crystal caves and rays of light.

Second cover vent down below in to the Crystal caves of my imagination.

Still based on foundation of fractal, this cover were a journey all together. The cave lake is formed through thousand of years of rain and slowly made its way to the crystal caves of below. The stairs at the end of the cave lake, is leading up to the entrance of your conciseness.

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